About Our School Tradition



Thus did headmaster , Mr C.R. Harding , on 10th September 1917 chronicle the birth of our school with his first entry in the log book of the Secondary School Germiston South.

The school was housed temporarily in the building today occupied by Germiston South School. In April of the following year the school became known as the High School Germiston

A start was eventually made in 1922, and the building was officially opened by the Administrator of Transvaal On August 1st, 1923. There was opposition to the site by many residents of Germiston who complained that it was too far out of town!

Colours were selected in 1917  but there was difficulty in obtaining them because of the Great War, and for the same reason, when they were obtainable, they were not of a very good quality.

Mr R.J. Johnson became headmaster in 1919, a position he occupied until 1924, when he was succeeded by Mr F.N. Gammidge. At the beginning of the 1925 season the school game was changed from soccer to “rugger” and during the same year the cadet detachment had the honour of providing a Guard of Honour to H.R.H the Prince of Wales on the occasion of his visit to Germiston.

Mr W. Main succeeded Mr Gammidge in 1934 and was headmaster throughout the war years.

Mr H.C. Robinson was the incumbent after Mr Main, serving as headmaster from 1946 until 1960.

At the beginning of the fifties the TED decided to separate the boys and girls. In 1951 the girls moved to Lambton , to the building is today occupied by Delville Laerskool.

Miss E.B Bergen was then appointed headmistress, a position she occupied for the rest of the school’s thirteen years existence.

The Germiston Boys High School , under Mr Robinson, occupied the Lake Grounds building. Mr J. Lane, an old boy of Germiston High , took over the reins of office when Mr Robinson retired in 1960, and held this position until the end of 1963, when he left to take up the position of Headmaster of Greenside High.

After a thirteen years separation, the girls rejoined the boys in the Lake grounds building and Germiston High came to life again 1964.

Dr E. Hudson was acting Headmaster for the first year, and was succeeded by Mr (Now Professor) H. Kroes, who held the position from 1965 to 1970.

He was succeeded by Mr (Now Doctor) K.R. Paine, who remained with us until the end of 1974 when he was promoted to the inspectorate.

Mr R.J. Gouldie succeeded Dr Paine in 1975 and held the position until 1978.
Mr A.F Wheeler held the position of Headmaster from 1978 to 1990.

Mr Lilleike was appointed as the thirteenth Principle of Germiston High School from 1991 to 2002.
At the begging of 1992 Germiston High  experienced yet another change when our Standard Six doors were opened to pupils of all races. And in August we became a Model C or State-aided school.

Mr A.J Beukes served as Principal from 2003 to January 2017. Mr Beukes left to take up a promotion post at District Office as an IDSO. Under Mr Beukes’ leadership the school was ushered into the era of technology, with the introduction of e-learning in 2015.

The school has adjusted to many changes in its hundred years of existence and now stands prepared, we are sure to meet both the challenges of the twenty-first century and beyond. The school is currently under the leadership of Acting Principle, Mrs G. Galaini until the end of April 2017, whereafter Ms R Goosen will take up the Acting Principle position.